Book launch - Formation: The Making of Nigeria From Jihad to Amalgamation

At this book launch, the authors explore Nigeria’s history of state formation and nation-building and ground these insights in contemporary challenges.

Research event
9 February 2021 — 1:00PM TO 2:15PM

Nigeria’s state formation and contemporary nation-building trajectory have been punctuated by various characters and distinct events that influenced processes of both centralization and regional fragmentation.

The recently published book Formation charts Nigeria’s history from the first incursion by Jihadists in 1804 to amalgamation as a colony in 1914, painting a complicated portrait of a nation with a tangled history.

The authors make the case that slavery, violence and instability were and remain primary organizing principles for elite competition and political negotiations in Nigeria. In 2020, there were protests and calls across Nigeria to end worsening insecurity, culminating in the #EndSARS demonstrations against police brutality in October.

These protests highlight how these historical structures affect Nigerians today, and how an increasingly rights-conscious and active citizenry are engaging on governance issues.

At this event, speakers discuss key themes in the book Formation: The Making of Nigeria from Jihad to Amalgamation, exploring Nigeria’s history of state formation and nation-building, and grounding these insights in the Nigeria of today and its contemporary challenges.

This event will also be broadcast live on the Chatham House Africa Programme’s Facebook page.


Feyi Fawehinmi, Co-Author, Formation: The Making of Nigeria From Jihad to Amalgamation (2020); Director, Faye & Fraser

Fola Fagbule, Co-Author, Formation: The Making of Nigeria From Jihad to Amalgamation (2020); Head, Financial Advisory, Africa Finance Corporation

Discussant: Dr Leena Koni Hoffmann, Associate Fellow, Africa Programme, Chatham House

Chair: Idayat Hassan, Director, Centre for Democracy and Development (CDD)

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