Can international institutions deliver justice?

This International Affairs webinar explores the ‘polymorphic’ nature of calls for institutional justice today.

Research event Recording
27 February 2023 — 9:00AM TO 10:00AM


— This webinar explores how diverse calls for justice challenge our international order and institutions, drawing on case studies of institutional legitimacy and colonial legacies.

The international order, and the institutions that make it up, are being challenged today by claims of justice. In the face of institutional unfairness, these calls for justice are coming from diverse groups, across different scales, and intersect in complex ways.

Drawing on three articles from the special section in International Affairs January 2023 issue which investigates polymorphic and institutional injustices, this webinar explores how to classify and address calls for justice today.

Experts explain why justice today must be understood as ‘polymorphic’, and dive into two case studies, examining the challenge of institutional legitimacy in a world of transnational governance actors and the global institutional injustices that persist as legacies of European colonialism.

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