Conservative Party Conference: How can the UK cement its position as a global science superpower?

Join Chatham House and Moderna at the Conservative Party conference this October.

Research event, Panel
2 October 2023 — 5:00PM TO 6:30PM
Manchester Central Hotel, M2 3GX

The life sciences industry has the potential to be a key driver of economic growth for the UK and the government plans to cement its status as a science and technology superpower by 2030.

This event, in partnership with Moderna, will explore how the UK can maximize its life science capabilities, the role of mRNA in future healthcare and the need for public health reform to facilitate innovation.

Discussion questions include:

  • How to foster greater cooperation between the private sector, academia, and the NHS to deliver on the government’s life sciences ambitions?

  • Can the UK be future proofed against potential pandemics?

  • How can the government further incentivize life science businesses to invest in the UK?

  • With increasingly innovative healthcare products coming to the forefront, how should the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) be reformed to enable such products to be approved at pace?

This event is taking place inside the secure zone.

*Please note that this event was originally scheduled to take place at The Midland Hotel. The event will now take place at Manchester Central.

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