Controlling the world’s oceans: The next domain of great power competition?

This event will explore China’s return to the seas and it’s impact on the international order. 

Research event, Panel
15 November 2021 — 6:00PM TO 7:00PM

As the world becomes more interconnected, sea-based flows have become integral components in globalization and energy trade. But contrary to conventional wisdom, this global interconnectedness is not driving cooperation; it’s fuelling rivalry. The battle to dominate the high seas has long shaped global power dynamics and is doing so once again. China’s return to the seas for the first time in almost 500 years has reshaped the balance of power and threatens to upend international order. How will America and its allies respond? 


Bruce Jones, Senior Fellow and Director of the Project on International Order and Strategy, Brookings Institution; Author, To Rule the Waves: How Control of the World’s Oceans Shapes the Fate of the Superpowers

Chair: Dr Leslie Vinjamuri, Director, US and the Americas Programme, Chatham House

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