How international organizations fight for legitimacy

Authors from the May issue of International Affairs explore the strategies used by international organizations to gain legitimacy around the world.

Research event, Panel Recording
7 June 2023 — 1:00PM TO 2:00PM

Event recording

The legitimacy of regional and international organizations is increasingly under attack due to issues such as climate change and rising nationalism around the world.

As an organization’s ability to function, and the liberal international order itself, rests on its legitimacy, the issue must be examined more closely.

This webinar draws on the special section in the May 2023 issue of International Affairs to explore the drivers behind strategies used by international organizations to gain legitimacy, and what that could mean for their future.

Experts dive into how an organization maintains legitimacy internally with its own staff, and how both authority and relative power impacts its ability to gain support.

The speakers in this event drew on the following research:


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