Israel-Palestine: understanding ceasefires and humanitarian pauses

Experts look at the military, humanitarian and legal implications.

Research event, Panel
9 November 2023 — 6:00PM TO 7:00PM

Event video

— An expert panel examines the differences between humanitarian pauses, truces, suspension of hostilities and general ceasefires.

The growing humanitarian crisis in Gaza has led to increasing calls to stop or suspend hostilities by world leaders, international organizations, and citizens across the globe. Recent days have seen disagreement about whether a cease fire is appropriate and achievable, with others calling for a humanitarian pause, truce or other measures. 

The expert panel examine: 

  • What is the difference between a humanitarian pause, truce, suspension of hostilities and a general ceasefire?
  • What are the humanitarian, legal, military and operational implications?
  • Is the use of inconsistent or ambiguous terminology contributing to current confusion and disagreement?
  • What role are multilateral organisations playing?

This event is part of Chatham House’s ongoing work focusing on the Israel-Palestine conflict.

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