Labour Party Conference: Advancing UK interests and values through trade

Join Chatham House and the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry at the Labour Party conference this October.

Research event
9 October 2023 — 2:00PM TO 3:30PM
Labour Party Conference Leonardo Hotel Liverpool

The trade environment is radically changing. As the UK continues to negotiate new free trade agreements and take an active part at the World Trade Organization (WTO), the UK has an opportunity to play a pivotal role in shaping the ethical values and interests that define international trade policy and governance.

Such values and interests relate to ethical issues including women’s empowerment, labour conditions, human rights, and environmental impact.

Furthermore, an increased interest in transparency has added to discussions about the UK’s approach to parliamentary scrutiny of trade deals and wider stakeholder engagement throughout the policymaking process.

This event, in partnership with the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, will discuss:

  • How can trade policy be strengthened in line with the UK’s interests and designed to uphold ethical trade standards?

  • What role exists for businesses and associations in shaping trade policy and governance, at both a domestic and international level, to ensure action on these key issues?

  • How can London be leveraged to shape better trade policy, catalyse new deals, and connect UK regions to global markets?

  • How can progressive initiatives such as ‘The SheTrades Initiative’ support policymakers in inclusive trade policy reforms?

This event is taking place outside the secure zone.

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