Reflections on African diaspora engagement and policy evolution

Speakers discuss the changing role and influence of the diverse African diaspora over recent decades. 

Research event, Panel
7 July 2023 — 4:30PM TO 7:00PM
Chatham House

The continued importance of the African diaspora as agents of change and progress has been underscored in the various global shocks in recent years, where diaspora philanthropy, remittances and finance have been critical in supporting livelihoods and resilience.

2023 marks 30 years since the establishment of the diaspora-focused African Foundation for Development (AFFORD), and 60 years since the establishment of the Organization of African Unity in 1963 (later remodelled as the African Union in 2002).

It also marks 20 years since the African Union (AU) formally invited the diaspora’s ‘full participation’ and incorporated it into its foundational act through Article 3 of the 2003 Protocol on Amendments to the Constitutive Act.

The diaspora has since been considered ‘the sixth region’ of the continent – although with limited institutionalisation – and national governments and regional economic communities (RECs) are increasingly investing in formal diaspora strategies.

At this jointly held 23rd African Diaspora and Development Day (AD3) with AFFORD, speakers will reflect on the changing role and influence of the diverse African diaspora over recent decades.

The anniversary event will also explore the policy priorities and partnerships needed for enhancing the positive contributions of the diaspora in local, regional, and international development efforts.

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