Russia’s courting of the Global South and its wider implications

Can Russia’s pivot have any impact on the global distribution of power?

Research event, Panel Recording
9 May 2024 — 2:00PM TO 5:30PM
Chatham House and Online

Even while fighting a full-scale war in Ukraine, Russia seeks to position itself as a global power in the non-western world, engendering scepticism towards the US interventionism or grievances over the Europe’s colonial past.

But unlike the Soviet Union, Russia is not exporting its political or economic models – focusing instead on trade deals and local security affairs. The term ‘Global South’ suggests a unified approach. Yet Russia tailors its involvement depending on local networks and needs.

This two-panel discussion will explore Russia’s foreign policy goals in these parts of the world, and what appeals to the different countries. Can Russia’s pivot have any impact on the outcome of the war or on the global distribution of power?

The event is open to experts to participate in person, and for the wider public to participate online. Please wait for a confirmation before attending.

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