Security at the Frontier

This conference explores the UK-Japan perspectives on cyberspace, outer space, the Arctic and electronic warfare.

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10 December 2020 TO 11 December 2020 — 9:00AM TO 12:10PM

The gallery above contains video from each of the four sessions from the conference.

Increasing global connectivity has brought with it a new range of security threats that were unfathomable just decades ago. Global reliance on the internet and virtual networks has unveiled a range of new cyber vulnerabilities and threats, including to critical infrastructure and the Internet of Things.

Cyber technology has also brought with it a new security focus on outer space, which has become key to the functioning of national and international infrastructure on the ground. Further, technologies using the electromagnetic spectrum, which are increasingly integral to military operations, generate exposure to new challenges and adversarial threats including the prospect of electronic warfare.

These challenges have expanded geographically too, as countries explore new physical frontiers, like the Arctic, as regions of strategic interest. This virtual conference examines the latest developments in cyberspace, outer space, electronic warfare and the Arctic and considers how best the UK and Japan might respond to these challenges from both an international law and security perspective.


Aki Tonami, Associate Professor of International Relations and Economics, University of Tsukuba

Alexandra Stickings, Research Fellow for Space Policy and Security, RUSI

Daniel Porras, Director of Strategic Partnerships and Communications, Secure World Foundation

Jun Nagashima, Research Adviser, Nakasone Peace Institute

Katarzyna Zysk, Professor, Deputy Director and Head, Security Policy Centre, Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies

Tomohiro Mikanagi, Deputy Director-General of the International Legal Affairs Bureau (Deputy Legal Advisor), Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan

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