Senegal’s economic future

Hon Amadou Mansour Faye will reflect on the implementation of Senegal’s economic strategy and the priorities for transformative change.

Research event
17 October 2023 — 4:00PM TO 5:00PM
Chatham House

Senegal stands at a crossroads between economic and political dynamics. Its first major natural gas projects are scheduled to begin delivery by the end of 2023, a development that could have major impacts on Senegal’s energy landscape and economic development. Alongside this is the conclusion of the second phase of the government’s flagship ‘Plan Senegal Emergent’, which aims to transform the national economy through major investment in infrastructure and partnerships with the private sector.

These developments are likely to significantly influence the political context ahead of presidential elections in February 2024, in which President Macky Sall will not be running after two terms in office.

At this roundtable, Hon Amadou Mansour Faye, Senegal’s minister of infrastructure, land transport and opening up, will reflect on the implementation of the country’s economic strategy and the priorities for transformative change in the years ahead.

This meeting with be held in French and English with simultaneous interpretation.

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