Towards sustainable and fair water footprints

Forging a global action partnership for launch at COP26.

Research event
5 October 2021 — 9:00AM TO 12:30PM

Action on water adaptation is not keeping pace with the speed and scale of climate change. Over 40 per cent of Europe’s water footprint lies outside its border and much of this footprint is from unsustainable sources: using scarce water and contaminating water supplies in developing countries.

Concerned net water consumer countries including the UK, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria and the US, working closely with Water Witness International and CDP, are putting out a global Call for Action Towards Sustainable and Fair Water Footprints.

Interested parties are invited to join this event where they can contribute to shaping and forging a global action partnership for launch at COP26. The partnership brings together governments, companies, financial institutions and civil society which will work to reach the shared goal of sustainable and fair water footprints by 2030.

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