Amid the new reality of COVID-19, how can societies protect the victims of domestic abuse and women in particular?

The lockdowns around the globe have disproportionately affected women. Along with economic hardship, increased childcare responsibilities and limited access to healthcare, women are also increasingly affected by domestic violence.

This event outlines the principal debates and assess state responses to domestic violence in Russia and CEE and campaigns for national regulation combating domestic violence, the calls to join the Istanbul Convention to strengthen laws; and the opposition to the Convention from certain CEE states.


Marceline Naudi, President, Group of Experts on Action Against Violence Against Women and Domestic Violence (GREVIO)
Oksana Pokalchuk, Director, Amnesty International Ukraine
Alena Popova, Co-founder, You Are Not Alone Project, Russia
Chair: Kateryna Busol, Robert Bosch Stiftung Academy Fellow, Russia and Eurasia Programme