What do Asian countries want in the international order?

Authors from the July issue of International Affairs discuss how Asian nations approach the liberal world order and US-China competition.

Research event, Panel Recording
30 August 2023 — 11:00AM TO 12:15PM

Event recording

Thumbnail image: national flags of countries attending the 35th ASEAN summit in 2019. (Photo by ROMEO GACAD/AFP via Getty Images)

Many in the West believe that the international order is facing severe challenges from across the world. But what do Asian countries, which include more than half of the world’s population, think about the global order?

Drawing on a special section in the July issue of International Affairs, experts from across Asia discuss regional support for the current order and diverging Asian perspectives on liberal values, US-China competition, and carving a bigger role for their countries at international platforms.

The event looks at the views from small states like Singapore and the Philippines to Japan and major states like China and India.

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