What does it mean to gender mainstream the proposed cybercrime convention?

This meeting convenes policymakers and non-state stakeholder representatives to explore the concept of ‘gender mainstreaming’ in the UN cybercrime treaty negotiations.

Research event, Panel
30 May 2022 — 12:30PM TO 2:30PM
Melia Hotel, Donau-City Strasse 7, 1220 Vienna

Speakers explain key ideas, such as ‘gender’, ‘gender-neutral’, ‘intersectionality’, and the event pays particular attention to gender mainstreaming in the context of the AHC convention and how gender needs and the vulnerabilities of all people can be incorporated, with regards to negotiation and drafting, capacity-building, multi-stakeholder engagement, substantive content, implementation and oversight. 

This event is based on a briefing paper available in all six languages of the United Nations (UN). The meeting takes place with a view to encouraging active discussion on the topic at hand, and lunch is provided. 

This event is part of a larger project Chatham House is implementing with the support of Global Affairs Canada on including civil society in global cybercrime efforts. 


Chair: Joyce Hakmeh, Deputy Director, International Security Programme, Chatham House 
Speaker: Dr Katharine Millar, Associate Professor, London School of Economics  
Discussant: Alina Meyer, Independent Expert, Gender, Human Rights and Diversity

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