Youth in conflict: New solutions for protection and peacebuilding

Young people from the Common Futures Conversations community outline their policy proposals for providing for the needs of young people in conflict situations and addressing wider challenges.  

Research event, Panel
5 April 2023 — 5:00PM TO 6:00PM

War and violent conflict are dominating the news cycle, from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine to the ongoing violence in Tigray. The United Nations estimates that almost two billion people are living in a conflict-affected area. Violence has huge ramifications for every aspect of life.

Whether it be insurgencies, terrorism, organized crime or war, young people are particularly impacted by violence. They find their education disrupted, homes displaced, and their lives threatened as either combatants or civilians. In the face of these challenges, how can young people be involved in finding solutions? This webinar will see young people discuss how they can be better protected in a conflict situation; how they are impacted, and how young people can be supported to assert their own agency? 

Common Futures Conversations is Chatham House’s flagship youth initiative which offers an innovative channel for young people in Europe and Africa to engage with politics and develop their perspectives on key global challenges. Throughout the start of this year, CFC members have been sharing and discussing the impacts conflict has on young people. They have explored the challenges it places on education, security, the climate, health outcomes and gender equality with each other and experts to develop their policy solutions. To mark the culmination of their work, a number of CFC participants will outline their policy proposals to a panel of decision-makers at this interactive webinar.

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