Russia Governance: No Compromise

The Moscow hostage crisis, when hundreds of theatregoers were held by a group demanding Russian troops leave Chechnya, has raised many questions.

The World Today Updated 23 October 2020 Published 1 December 2002 4 minute READ

Bobo Lo

International Relations Analyst, Independent

Were the anti-terror tactics that led to the gassing and death of many innocent people justified? What role did the media play, and is force the only answer for Chechnya? Above all, what can we learn about our new partners in the Kremlin?

International coverage of the hostage crisis has focused principally on two aspects of this tragic episode. The first was the direct human dimension. The fanaticism of the Chechens, the appalling plight of the hostages, the spectacular counter-terrorist operation, and finally the sight of relatives being denied access and information about their loved ones – all these elements combined to create an extraordinary human drama.

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