Books - Europe's Far Right: Blip or Danger?

Preachers of Hate: The Rise of the Far Right by Angus Roxburgh. Published by Gibson Square Books, November 2002

The World Today Published 1 January 2003 Updated 21 October 2020 2 minute READ

Jack Thompson

Presenter for Deutsche Welle television, Berlin

Angus Roxburgh is one of the best BBC correspondents, exuding authority with a precise use of English and a penchant for the ‘bon mot’.

After watching his reports, I am always that much wiser about the conflict or issue to which he has turned his attention. And I am indeed wiser after reading this survey of the far right in fifteen European countries, plus the Balkan patchwork. It is curious, however, that he failed to look at the phenomenon in Hungary – where the far right was recently given the boot in a general election – Poland, Bulgaria and Romania.

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