Hamas, Ceasefires and the Palestinian-Israeli Peace Process: Costly Choice

When is a ceasefire more than a ceasefire? When it builds agreement amongst contesting groups and has the potential to transform into a real political process.

The World Today
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Alastair Crooke

Director, Conflicts Forum

Professor Beverley Milton-Edwards

Visiting Fellow, Brookings Doha Center and Professor of Politics, Queen’s University Belfast

Hamas is signalling such an opportunity in the crisis between Palestinians and Israelis. Ignoring it may have a price.

The prospects for the Road Map for peace between Israelis and Palestinians have taken on a sepulchral aspect. Iraq is now the centre of American attention. The Palestinian Authority, along with its leader, is frail, and stands in some disarray following the deep divisions created by the bitter experience of the failed Mahmoud Abbas government and unilateral June ceasefire. Israel too seems at odds over what to do next.

Despite the poor outlook, there is a noticeable reluctance to declare the peace process dead. The international community fears the void that could be exploited by radical Islamist forces from outside the Palestinian arena.

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