Book Review - The Turbulent Decade: Heart of Darkness

Review of The Turbulent Decade: Confronting the Refugee Crisis of the 1990s, by Sadako Ogato, Published by WW Norton.

The World Today
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David Hannay

Crossbench Life Peer, House of Lords, Parliament of the United Kingdom

For anyone who still believes that the end of the Cold War marked the end of history, or that it rang up the curtain on a new world order, this book should finally shatter such illusions. And for the rest of us, it is a sobering reminder of how far the international community still is from mastering the new threats and challenges which have taken up where those of nuclear confrontation between the superpowers and of the proxy wars between their satellites left off. It is also a strong reminder that sins of omission can be every bit as disastrous in their effects as the international community’s sins of commission which lie behind each of these refugee crises.

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