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Welcome to The World Today in its new format. Since the magazine was founded in 1945 it has chronicled the key events of the Cold War and post-Cold War eras. The year 2012 could be another turning point.

The World Today Updated 5 October 2020 Published 4 May 2016 1 minute READ

For this edition the focus is the US. At a time of continued debate over the relative decline in its power, Michael Green’s article reminds us of how central the US remains to security in East Asia. On the other side of the Atlantic debt-ridden Europe cannot hope for a financial rescue from the US. In fact, if the eurozone cannot fight its way out of the current impasse, then the risks to the fragile US economic recovery are serious. As James Hoge, America needs the EU now more than ever, and stagnation in Europe would not only affect the US, but lead to contagion elsewhere.

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