West African resources

By mid-century, Nigeria is likely to be the third most populous country in the world, having overtaken the United States.

The World Today Published 1 February 2014 Updated 2 October 2020 1 minute READ

Alan Philps

Former Editor, The World Today, Communications and Publishing

This simple projection highlights some of the questions we address in this issue. How will Nigeria, and the other countries of West Africa, feed their growing populations and provide jobs for young people? In our cover story, Razia Khan looks at how a recalculation of the size of Nigeria’s economy is about to confirm it as the ‘giant of Africa’.

But what will this mean for the 63 per cent of Nigerians who live on a dollar a day? Solving the problem of growing inequality requires better control of the region’s abundant resources. On other pages, authors look at the management of resources, from fish stocks to minerals and the oft-neglected agricultural sector.

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