Who owns English?

Native speakers of English may congratulate themselves on being born with the global language preprogrammed into their brains.

The World Today Updated 2 October 2020 Published 1 December 2014 1 minute READ

Alan Philps

Former Editor, The World Today, Communications and Publishing

They may be wrong. As our cover story explains, being monolingual when others speak several languages has its disadvantages – in the job market, in cultural understanding of the world and in keeping the brain alert. Could linguistic hegemony be responsible for the ‘Little Englander’ mind-set that Helena Kennedy, the human rights lawyer and Labour peer, decries?

Sanctions have a patchy record, but thanks to techniques perfected by the US Treasury, they have now reached a peak of effectiveness. However, Mark Malloch Brown and Harry Gibson warn they have reached their high water mark. The financial sanctions imposed on Iran are so effective that the non-western powers are looking to create a financial architecture that bypasses the dollar.

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