Defeating the extremists

Rached Ghannouchi offers hope after the Tunisia massacre

The World Today Updated 11 December 2020 Published 25 September 2015 2 minute READ

Rached Ghannouchi

Founder and president, Tunisia’s Ennahdha (Renaissance) party

Tunisia, the bright spot of the Arab Spring, has seen dark days in recent weeks. That guests holidaying in our country were subject to a horrific attack is a matter of terrible anguish for Tunisians. It is the latest illustration of the battle of ideas occurring across the Arab world.

Attacking Tunisia was no random act. After decades of stifling oppression and corruption, we have held free and fair elections, ratified the most progressive constitution in the Arab world and begun to rebuild our economy.

Even in this moment of sadness, we must ask the urgent question of how to stop violent extremists such as the so-called Islamic State, whom we prefer to call Daesh. Their goal is to make democracy in the Arab world untenable. The attack in Sousse in June is part of their plan to damage Tunisia’s economy, make people lose hope and undermine Tunisia’s fragile progress.

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