The EU dream is slipping away

Of Europe’s many problems, one of the clearest is its geography: no clear border in the east, easily navigable inland sea to the south and multiple offshore islands.

The World Today Published 23 March 2016 Updated 30 September 2020 1 minute READ

Alan Philps

Former Editor, The World Today, Communications and Publishing

As Nicholas Dungan writes, this situation requires the EU to have clearly defined policies on immigration, defence and relations with its unstable neighbours. These are signally lacking. Only when Europe recognizes that it is a political project, Dungan concludes, can it formulate policies to secure its future.

The Brexit debate in Britain focuses, not surprisingly, on issues of domestic interest. But how does the rest of the EU view it? Frankly, they are bemused. Polling shows they think Britain is a powerful and privileged member of the bloc, wielding influence but insulated from the crises of the euro.

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