How to defeat radicalism

The message of Islam must be reinterpreted as a code for humanism, writes Asma Lamrabet

The World Today Updated 30 November 2020 Published 23 March 2016 2 minute READ

Asma Lamrabet

Medical doctor and Director, Centre for Women’s Studies in Islam in Rabat

Our humanity is being sorely tested by the tragic events that have shaken our world recently, including the recent attacks in Paris. And we must admit – as Muslims – that we are doubly challenged. It remains very difficult for Muslims not to feel dismayed by these heinous acts. They are certainly committed in the name of an ideology in complete contradiction to the ethics of Islam, yet the explicit religious claims of their perpetrators remain extremely painful for the majority of Muslims.

When we try to analyze these events, the phenomenon of radicalization appears as the product – among others – of four deficiencies in today’s world:

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