Future of Europe

This was meant to be the year the populists shook the foundations of the European Union and Marine Le Pen rose from the rubble to claim the presidency of France. That did not happen, but it would be foolish to conclude that the EU is home and dry, argues Brunello Rosa in our cover story.

The World Today Published 1 June 2017 Updated 30 September 2020 1 minute READ

Alan Philps

Former Editor, The World Today, Communications and Publishing

France’s Emmanuel Macron and the other liberal-minded leaders in charge of Europe have just four years to save the union from further disintegration.

While continental Europe focuses on healing itself, Britain is heading for the exit. If India is going to welcome Britain outside the EU, writes Vidya Ram, then it needs to be convinced that the slogan Global Britain is not just a smokescreen for protectionism and shutting the borders to foreigners.

With the anniversary of the referendum on leaving the EU coming up, the philosopher and Brexit opponent A C Grayling explains why Britain will be clamouring to return within just a few years of leaving. Essex-born reporter Hilary Clarke has been to Romford – known as ‘Brexit central’ for its high Leave vote – to find if people are having second thoughts. Not yet, she finds. But what were they thinking when they cast their ballots?

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