Are young people disillusioned?

This issue is a bit different – we have opened all our pages to young people. The key question we asked of our cover story writers was this: what do those who have grown up with the internet think it is doing to politics? 

The World Today Published 5 October 2020 1 minute READ

Alan Philps

Former Editor, The World Today, Communications and Publishing

Elena Cresci, a millennial journalist, says that the coming generation is warier of putting things online and sceptical of what is there. Other contributors look at the digitally fuelled rise of the Germany’s far-right AfD party, Emmanuel Macron’s problematic reliance on digital media, and the role of ‘fake news’ in Sweden’s September election.

While Sweden is still without a government, the situation is clearer in Washington where Jacob Parakilas predicts that the results of the midterm elections will usher in a yet more dangerous phase of the Trump presidency.

As for Britain, Thomas Raines on page highlights a fact little noticed among the storms surrounding Brexit: the centre ground of UK foreign policy has collapsed, opening the possibility for a historic realignment.

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