Interview: Fatima Gailani

The senior negotiator at the 2020-21 Afghan peace talks in Qatar, tells Trisha de Borchgrave who today’s Taliban are and what they mean for their country’s future

The World Today Published 4 February 2022 3 minute READ

Trisha de Borchgrave

Freelance journalist

Fatima Gailani

Senior Afghan negotiator and Board Member, Afghan Red Crescent Society

Fatima Gailani is the daughter of the late Ahmed Gailani, leader of one of the mujahideen resistance groups that fought the 1979  Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. She was their international spokesperson throughout the 1980s and 90s. As a women’s rights campaigner, she helped draft the Afghan constitution for the interim government in 2001 following the American-led invasion. Gailani was also head of the Afghanistan Red Crescent Society between 2004-2016.

In Doha, you spent 12 months negotiating with the Taliban. Were you surprised by the speed with which they took over the country in August last year?

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