The rise of Javier Milei has changed Argentina forever

The right-wing populist presidential candidate has become a viral phenomenon with his radical proposals, but how he would govern remains a mystery, writes Pablo Touzon.

The World Today Published 29 September 2023 4 minute READ

Pablo Touzon

Co-Director, Escenarios political consultancy, Buenos Aires

Simon Kuznets, the 1978 Nobel Prize winner in Economics, is attributed with saying: ‘There are four kinds of nations: developed countries, developing countries, Japan and Argentina.’

Argentina was seen as an example of ‘negative exceptionality’. Despite its rich natural resources and developed production ability, it has persistently shown poor social-economic indicators. But when it comes to its political system, the country had seemed to manifest a sort of ‘positive exceptionality’. Up until the mid-August primary elections, that is, when Javier Milei, the right-wing outsider, claimed victory.

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