Undercurrents: Artificial Intelligence in International Affairs, and Women Drivers in Saudi Arabia

Agnes discusses machine learning and AI regulation with Jacob Parakilas, while Ben tackles Saudi social reforms with Jane Kinninmont.

Audio Updated 5 October 2020 Published 15 June 2018 54 minute listen

Technology driven by artificial intelligence is developing rapidly, but the political spectrum is not responding fast enough.

Agnes discusses machine learning, the profusion of cat photos online and public-private partnerships on AI regulation with Jacob Parakilas from the US and Americas Programme.

In 2017 the government of Saudi Arabia lifted the ban on women driving, to international acclaim. In the run-up to this policy becoming reality however Saudi women’s rights activists have been threatened and imprisoned by the same administration.

Ben meets Jane Kinninmont from the Middle East and North Africa Programme, who explains the significance of this and other Saudi social reforms.

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