Undercurrents: LGBTQ+ Rights, and China's Global Standing After COVID-19

This episode provides interviews on global progress towards LGBTQ+ rights and how China’s global reputation may be altered by their handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

Audio Published 2 July 2020 Updated 5 October 2020 54 minute listen

The 21st century has been a time of significant change for the global LGBTQ+ movement. While same-sex marriage and gender transition are increasingly celebrated in some parts of the world, laws to criminalise homosexuality and gender non-conformity have been strengthened in others. In this episode, Ben speaks to journalist Mark Gevisser to find out more.

Then Agnes discusses China’s global reputation with Dr Sam Geall. They cover how the coronavirus pandemic may have affected China’s soft power, and also how the country is positioning itself in the international debate on climate change.