Strengthening Our Commitment to the Next Generation

Panel of Young Advisers and Queen Elizabeth II Academy Ambassadors underscore our drive to reach, engage and inspire young people to change their world.

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Two new initiatives are designed to give the next generation a greater say in the strategic direction of Chatham House and to help build a global network of young voices to participate in institute activities.

The Panel of Young Advisers is a group of engaged individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds, active in their field and community, recruited through an open process and based in seven countries: Denmark, Georgia, Germany, Kenya, Nigeria, United Kingdom and the United States of America.

The panel will engage with the director, executive team, and members of the governing council, mirroring some of the activities of the longstanding Panel of Senior Advisers. Made up of 21 individual members the panel’s role will be to:

  • Play a part in shaping Chatham House’s next generation engagement strategy
  • Share ideas and offer innovative approaches to connecting the next generation to the work and mission of the institute

The Queen Elizabeth II Academy Ambassadors is a network of young professionals and university students from across the UK, selected following their participation in the Next Generation International Affairs workshops organised by the institute’s Queen Elizabeth II Academy in Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Liverpool and Manchester.

The ambassadors will work with Academy staff by drawing on their networks and participating in roundtables designed to share knowledge about the most important issues in international affairs. They will also:

  • Offer ideas to help shape the Academy’s future programme of next generation engagement
  • Engage in professional development activities and expand their networks by attending leadership training and discussion events

Along with another flagship initiative, Common Futures Conversations, the panel and ambassadors will play a crucial role in helping Chatham House deliver on our second century ambition to reach, engage and inspire young people to change their world.

Lord Jim O’Neill, Chair, Chatham House said: ‘The Panel of Young Advisers and the Queen Elizabeth II Academy Ambassadors are an exciting addition to the Chatham House family.’

We have made youth engagement a priority for the institute and I am excited to see how the ideas that these initiatives generate will influence and shape our activities in the coming years.

Lord Jim O’Neill, Chair, Chatham House

Dr Robin Niblett CMG, Director and Chief Executive, Chatham House said: ‘In order for Chatham House to continue to make a positive impact on international affairs, it is crucial that we incorporate the views, experience and knowledge of those who will be affected most in the future.

‘The Panel of Young Advisers and Queen Elizabeth II Academy Ambassadors, alongside the networks in our Common Futures Conversations, underscore our commitment to work with the next generation and help them build a better world for themselves.’

Dr Leslie Vinjamuri, Dean, QEII Academy, said: ‘Chatham House’s ability to meet the greatest global challenges will be transformed if we can build diverse and inclusive networks.

‘Integrating the next generation of leaders from across the United Kingdom is a critical part of developing innovative and meaningful solutions to global problems. The QEII Academy Ambassadors are a key part of this vision.’

Second century ambitions

As Chatham House embarks on its second century, it is focused on three goals to ensure a better world:

  1. Sustainable and equitable growth: Design pathways to sustainable growth that protect the planet and reduce inequalities within and between countries;
  2. Peaceful and thriving societies: Promote the rule of law over the rule of force, so as to reduce levels of human insecurity, enhance resilience and prevent large-scale conflict.
  3. Accountable and inclusive governance: Enable greater political accountability and more inclusive governance at global, regional and sectoral levels

Understanding the impact of, and opportunities from, technological innovation is critical to achieving each goal. Equally important is reaching, engaging and inspiring the next generation. We integrate both elements into all our work.

Notes to editors

Chatham House’s governance structure is headed by our Patron, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II who confers on the institute the benefit of her formal support through the institute’s Royal Charter, although Her Majesty has no official governance responsibilities.

Chatham House’s presidents underpin our independent, non-partisan voice on international affairs and the Council oversees the operation and management of the institute by the Executive Leadership team and in accordance with our charter and bye-laws.

The Panel of Young Advisers joins the Panel of Senior Advisers to provide Chatham House with a sounding board for our policy conclusions and to help communicate our ideas internationally and to new, diverse audiences.

The institute’s Queen Elizabeth II Academy for Leadership in International Affairs develops future policymakers and drives positive change in world affairs. Governance of the Academy comes via the Academy Adjunct Faculty and Advisery Board.

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Chatham House Centenary:
Throughout our centenary year in 2020, Chatham House celebrates a century of influence, independent analysis and trusted dialogue with a number of exciting initiatives.