Independent Thinking: Is Rory Stewart right about Britain?

Episode 42 of our weekly podcast discusses Rory Stewart’s latest book and its criticisms of the British state.

Audio Published 6 October 2023 Updated 16 October 2023 30 minute listen

On this episode

This week Chatham House hosted Rory Stewart to discuss the dangers of populism and the state of British politics. A former deputy-governor in Iraq in 2003 who famously walked across Afghanistan and is now an acclaimed podcaster, Rory Stewart’s latest book on his time as an MP has created a storm with its criticism of the British political system.

Joining Bronwen Maddox to discuss Rory Stewart’s ideas are Roxanne Escobales, the Editor of The World Today and Olivia O’Sullivan, the Director of our UK in the World Programme.

ITV’s Robert Peston also offers his thoughts from the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester.

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