Who Rules Cyberspace? The State of Play

A new mini-series from the Undercurrents podcast explores the ongoing international debate on how to govern cyberspace.

Audio Published 9 November 2020 20 minute listen

In the first episode of Who Rules Cyberspace? Joyce Hakmeh and Ben Horton trace the recent history of cyberspace and outline the major dividing lines that characterise debates at the United Nations and beyond. 

For the rest of this week Ben and Joyce will be interviewing a wide range of individuals from governments, the private sector and civil society to find out the latest thinking on how cyberspace can be made a safe and prosperous tool for societies throughout the world. 

At the time of publishing this episode two resolutions have been circulated in the United Nations General Assembly which will soon be voted on by member states. One, proposed by the United States, calls on states to wait for the completion of the current Open-Ended Working Group (OEWG) and Group of Governmental Experts mandate. Another, backed by Russia, calls for the establishment of a new OEWG and casts further uncertainty on the future of these negotiations at the UN.

Read the Journal of Cyber Policy article:

The vital role of international law in the framework for responsible state behaviour in cyberspace

Watch the video:

How Can We Work Towards a Stable #Cyberspace4all?