Korea at the crossroads: The view from Europe

As European leaders contemplate a tilt to the Indo-pacific, how are they framing relations with Korea?

Published 12 May 2021 Updated 10 August 2023 32 minute listen

Dr John Nilsson-Wright

Former Korea Foundation Korea Fellow and Senior Fellow for Northeast Asia, Asia-Pacific Programme

Dr Nathalie Tocci

Director, Istituto Affari Internazionali

Over the course of five episodes, all published this week, John Nilsson-Wright explores the strategic relations of Korea, asking how the country is seeking to protect its interests in an increasingly contested Pacific region.

In this, the fourth episode, John is joined by Nathalie Tocci. They discuss the European perspective on the politics of the Korean peninsula, identifying opportunities for deeper engagement between the Republic of Korea and the European Union. 

This series is supported by the Korea Foundation and Yeosijae as part of the Korea Foundation Korea Fellowship.