The Climate Briefing: Debt, development and climate action

Ahead of the G7 Summit, the Climate Briefing returns to the question of financing climate action.

Audio Updated 29 September 2023 Published 10 June 2021 48 minute listen

While the economic challenge of dealing with climate change was already well-established before the pandemic, the costs of responding to COVID-19 threaten to limit the fiscal capacity of governments to fund climate action. 

In this episode, Anna and Ben speak to two experts about the relationship between economic development, developing country debt and climate action.  Ben speaks to Farhana Yamin about the economic threat posed by climate change and the need for a paradigm shift away from conventional, carbon-intensive, approaches to economic development. 

Then Anna is joined by Paul Steele to find out how developing country debt relates to climate finance, and what can be done to address the so-called triple crisis of debt, climate change and biodiversity loss.