Undercurrents: Greek digital governance, and rethinking atrocity prevention

How have digital tools supported Greece’s response to the pandemic? And how should we understand the role of states in the commiting of mass atrocities?

Audio Published 11 June 2021 54 minute listen

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused governments across the world to re-imagine their systems for engaging with citizens. Many have turned to digital tools to find new ways of tracking the spread of the virus, and to deliver public services during national lockdowns.

In this episode of Undercurrents, Ben is joined by Kyriakos Pierrakakis, the Minister of Digital Governance for the Hellenic Republic (Greece). They discuss the e-governance tools Greece is pioneering under the administration of Prime Minister Mitsokakis, and the challenges involved with rolling out digital systems to the public. 

Then, Mariana is joined by Dr Kate Ferguson to discuss Ferguson’s new book, Architectures of Violence, which explores state involvement in violent mass atrocities, from Yugoslavia to Syria.