Sustainability Accelerator microgrants: open for applications

£1000 grants are available for innovative and engaging ideas to deliver a fair and sustainable future.

News release Updated 15 September 2023 Published 2 February 2022 1 minute READ

Press Office

Submissions are now open for 2022 Sustainability Accelerator microgrants. Up to 20 microgrants are available to innovative and creative thinkers for tangible solutions to sustainability challenges.

Eligible ideas include digital tools, physical products, events, campaigns or new technologies. The award is open to individuals aged over 18, charities and community organizations, but not to registered companies. We welcome applications from all backgrounds and geographies.

Applications need to fill in a short form, including a 1500-word summary completed in English and supporting documents where necessary. The summary should demonstrate how the idea could:

  • Help solve an existing sustainability issue
  • Accelerate progress towards sustainability targets 
  • Reach or influence a wide audience

Applications will be judged by a panel of Chatham House staff, associate fellows and experts. Promising applicants will be invited to participate in a short, 30-minute conversation about the idea.

Ana Yang, Executive Director of the Sustainability Accelerator, said:

‘With these microgrants we want to empower the thought leaders and change makers of tomorrow, who will have a crucial role in shaping a sustainable future. Whether you’re an activist, entrepreneur, influencer or disruptor, we want to hear from you.’

To apply and learn more visit the Sustainability Accelerator website.