Chatham House welcomes 2022 interns

Internships provide learning opportunities about shaping policy, influencing debate and creating real change.

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Chatham House is excited to welcome the second cohort to the Molchanov Sustainability Internship Programme.

Introduced in January 2021, the programme has been made possible following the gift of Pavel Molchanov, to support the next generation of leaders in sustainability.

The internships grant invaluable, practical learning opportunities about shaping policy, influencing debate and creating real change towards a sustainable future.

Alis Martin, Internships and Outreach Manager at Chatham House, said:

‘We are delighted to welcome the second cohort to the Molchanov Sustainability Internship Programme. This cohort brings a diversity of new and invaluable perspectives and ideas to the work of our programmes.

‘Over the course of 12 weeks, interns will be working alongside internationally respected experts in Chatham House programmes, exploring issues of sustainability through the lenses of climate change, the circular economy, conflict prevention, emerging technology, global health, governance, human rights, security policy, sustainable cities and sustainable finance.

‘Fostering sustainable and equitable growth and engaging the next generation of policy leaders is central to Chatham House’s vision. We are committed to providing the best experience and opportunities to our interns who share an interest in pursuing a career in the field of sustainability.

‘It is crucial that we incorporate the views and knowledge of those who will be affected most in the future and I very much look forward to seeing the innovative and impactful ideas that will undoubtedly result from their work.’

Mr Molchanov said:

‘Recent headlines around the world underscore the importance of taking the broadest possible perspective on sustainability. Energy supply concerns, rising food prices, and continued pandemic pressure are all interconnected with climate issues. I look forward to hearing about the work in which this year’s internship participants engage.’

Jerome Puri, intern, Middle East and North Africa Programme, said:

‘I applied for this internship to gain a holistic insight into the coordination of a policy institute and to understand how Chatham House promotes international cooperation and accountable governance around the world.  Chatham House offers an unparalleled opportunity to contribute to projects on frontier issues facing the MENA region and develop a diverse range of skills ranging from project management and communications to policy-oriented research skills.’

Obioma Egemonye, intern, Africa Programme, said:

‘I was particularly interested in joining the Africa Programme at Chatham House after learning an immeasurable amount from their work on the Social Norms and Accountable Governance (SNAG) research for my undergraduate dissertation. I am most looking forward to attending the variety of events held by Chatham House and the Africa programme specifically.’

Valdone Sniukaite, intern, Europe Programme, said:

‘I am excited to be joining the Europe Programme team and getting exposure to the inner workings of a policy and research think tank. I’m mostly looking forward to building my organizational skill set by working on the Belvedere Forum and using the opportunity of being around experts in the field of international affairs to broaden my knowledge.’

Lucile de Laforcade, intern, Queen Elizabeth II Academy for Leadership in International Affairs, said:

‘As part of the Academy, I am able to work at the crossroads of research, leadership, international affairs and personal development. This makes the Academy a place of constant challenge to find innovative, sustainable solutions, and emulate new ideas. As an aspiring academic, this is particularly empowering! I am hoping to gain new skills, further develop independent thinking, and cultivate my own research interests in the vibrant environment of a leading policy institute.’

Katie McCann, intern, Communications and Publishing, said:

‘I’m really interested in youth engagement in international politics so I’m very excited to be working on the Common Futures Conversations platform which brings young people across Europe and Africa into the debate on the pressing global issues of our time. I hope my time at Chatham House will expose me to people of different backgrounds and beliefs which will encourage me to engage even more critically with international affairs.’

Rachael Mullally, intern, International Law Programme, said:

‘What I admire most about the International Law Programme here is its position as a dependable yet experimental source on global governance debates. I am especially excited to get working on the Human Rights Pathways Project, focusing on tangible ideas as to how the human rights framework can evolve to meet power shifts between states and non-state actors.’

Elia Duran-Smith, intern, International Security Programme, said:

‘I was particularly drawn to this internship because of the thematic focuses of the programme around nuclear security and emerging technologies in the sector, which are fundamental to understanding the future of the global security environment. I am looking forward to learning more about these topics while developing and expanding my research and writing skills, as well as gaining an understanding of project management and how Chatham House engages with stakeholders on policy.’

Rory Selvey, intern, Sustainability Accelerator, said:

‘For me, speeding up the transition towards a fairer, low-carbon society is one of most important global challenges. I’m really excited to be an intern at the Sustainability Accelerator, collaborating with different teams and exploring innovation solutions to this challenge. Chatham House will help me develop vital knowledge and skills, acting as a fantastic springboard for a potential career in sustainable finance, macroeconomics, or international development.’

Bruna Miguel, intern, Environment and Society Programme, said:

‘Being an intern in the Environment and Society Programme will give me the opportunity to further investigate how these issues relate and how we can achieve true sustainability. I look forward to learning from the experts in the area that I will meet (and hopefully find a dissertation topic!).’

Ritvij Singh, intern, Global Health Programme, said:

‘My view of healthcare delivery is from the frontlines as a medical doctor. I applied to this internship to widen my perspective and get an insight into the institutions that will help facilitate universal health. I will use this experience to pursue a career in global health.’

For more information about the internships, please contact Alis Martin.