Europe Programme

Our research focuses on the future of the EU, European security, and Europe’s role in the world.

The Europe Programme’s mission is to analyse and shape the European policy agenda through expertise and engagement.

It does this by developing pragmatic, actionable policy recommendations which answer the ‘how to’ question. The programme connects extensive EU, NATO and in-country expertise with the geopolitical issues of today and tomorrow.

Between 2024 and 2027, the Europe programme will focus on three themes:

  • The future of the EU
  • Safeguarding European security
  • Europe’s role in the world

Running throughout these themes is analysis of election outcomes in Europe and beyond, and how political fragmentation across the continent affects the three research themes.

The Europe Programme draws on in-house expertise, as well its Associate Fellows and an extensive pan-European network of experts, helping policymakers navigate geopolitical challenges and opportunities.

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