Africa Aware: In conversation with H.E. Dr Joyce Banda

For this special episode, the former president of the Republic of Malawi explores the current state of democracy in Africa.

Published 16 November 2022 Updated 29 November 2022 1 minute READ

H.E. Dr Joyce Banda

Former President of the Republic of Malawi (2012-14)

Yusuf Hassan

Former Parliamentary, Media and Outreach Officer, Africa Programme

Dr Banda outlines what must be done to support the development of female leadership on the continent, and the important role African leaders must play on a global level.

She talks about how, although democracy in Africa has been backsliding, it is important to highlight the continent’s successes such as having the highest number of women in parliament globally.

To strengthen Africa’s democracies is crucial, especially through the empowerment and education of young people and female leaders, not just in politics but across all sectors.