Africa Aware: The future of agriculture in Mozambique

This episode features a conversation with Hon. Celso Ismael Correia on the challenges facing the agricultural sector in Mozambique.

15 minute listen

Yusuf Hassan

Former Parliamentary, Media and Outreach Officer, Africa Programme

Celso Ismael Correia

Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Republic of Mozambique

Agriculture accounted for 26 per cent of Mozambique’s GDP in 2020 and employs more than 70 per cent of its workforce. The Mozambican government has made agriculture a top priority and in recent years the sector has seen significant growth.  

On this episode, Yusuf speaks to Hon. Celso Ismael Correia, minister of agriculture and rural development for the Republic of Mozambique.

The minister discusses the challenges facing the agricultural sector, and outlines his ambitions on how Mozambique can continue to grow this vital sector and improve the lives of its citizens.