Independent Thinking: Artificial intelligence – a threat to democracy?

Episode 35 of our weekly podcast discusses the challenges presented by AI, following the UN Security Council’s first meeting on the subject on 18 July.

Audio Updated 16 October 2023 Published 21 July 2023 30 minute listen

On the podcast this week we discuss artificial intelligence, the hopes and opportunities the technology may bring, and the challenges and risks it presents to governments and above all democracy.

This week, the United Nations Security Council, operating under the UK presidency, met for the first time to discuss the issue of AI. UN officials and diplomats alike urged the world to take the emergence of this new technology seriously.

Meanwhile in the UK, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is preparing to host the first global summit on artificial intelligence.   

Joining Bronwen Maddox on the show are Dr Talita Dias, a senior research fellow with Chatham House’s International Law Programme, Alex Krasadomski, a senior research associate with the Digital Society Initiative; Dr Milly Zimeta, until very recently with the Open Data Institute, and writer and journalist Carl Miller.

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