Siddharth Tiwari

Associate Fellow, Global Economy and Finance Programme

Siddharth Tiwari headshot


Siddharth has served as head of the BIS Office for Asia in Hong Kong; as Executive Secretary of the G20 Eminent Persons Group in Singapore; and in senior management positions in the IMF including as Director of Strategy Policy and Review, Secretary of the IMF, Chief of Staff for the Managing Director, and Head of Country Operations in Africa.

His areas of expertise include the international financial system, IMF, G7 and G20, technology and finance, digital public infrastructure and data governance. He has extensive experience working in BRICs economies, south and southeast Asia as well as Africa.

At present, Siddharth is advising the Indian Sherpa for India’s G20 Presidency in 2023, the International Finance Forum in Beijing, and is an active member of The Trilateral Commission and the Bretton Woods Committee. Siddharth holds a doctorate in Economics from the University of Chicago and a Masters from the London School of Economics.

Past experience

2018-22 Head of the Asian Office, Bank for International Settlements, Hong Kong
2017-18 Executive Secretary, G20 Eminent Persons Group, Singapore
2011-17 Director of Strategy, Policy and Review Department, IMF

Secretary of the International Monetary Fund

2004-07 Head of Country Operations, African Department, IMF