Webinar: Coronavirus, Globalization and Global Supply Chains

Panellists assess the impact of COVID-19 on economic globalization and global supply chains.

Corporate members event
2 June 2020 — 1:00PM TO 2:00PM

The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the implications of pre-existing global trends such as rising protectionism and mounting trade tensions for the future of economic globalization. The global health crisis has since led to widespread lockdowns, paralysed supply chains and interrupted shipments of medical equipment between trade partners thereby further exposing the vulnerabilities of an integrated global economy.

Against this backdrop, the panellists will assess the impact of the coronavirus on economic globalization and global supply chains. To what extent might the health emergency encourage a re-evaluation of economic integration? How should governments and industries prepare for a resumption of activities under the auspices of a ‘new normal’ where ‘just-in-time’ methods of production may not be resilient enough to systemic shocks and challenges? Can a globalized supply and demand system become more resilient to shocks? And with China beginning to recover from the crisis, what might be the role of Chinese industry in rebooting global supply chains?

This event is part of a fortnightly series of ‘Business in Focus’ webinars reflecting on the impact of COVID-19 on areas of particular professional interest for our corporate members and giving circles.

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Professor Ian Goldin, Professor of Globalisation and Development, University of Oxford; Director, Oxford Martin Programme on Technological and Economic Change

Stephen King, Senior Economic Adviser, HSBC

Chair: Dr Yu Jie, Senior Research Fellow on China, Asia-Pacific Programme, Chatham House

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