Corporate Leader Series – In conversation with Rich Lesser

Rich Lesser, CEO, Boston Consulting Group (BCG) discusses sustainability and business strategy ahead of COP26.

Members event, Panel
8 September 2021 — 7:00PM TO 7:45PM

Since the pandemic began, corporate leaders have faced unprecedented structural challenges in all aspects of their business. The crisis has accelerated changes in business strategy in order to adapt. But how do changes spurred by the pandemic intersect with changes demanded by climate change?

As COP26 approaches, this timely conversation with an industry leader provides a cross-industry perspective on how organisations can align strategy and sustainability.

This event considers:

  • What changes prompted by the pandemic are pushing toward greater sustainability? Which are pushing against?

  • What can corporates promise, and what levers can they pull - for example in regard to supply chains - to achieve climate goals?

  • Which sectors are most innovative in their ability to marry strategy and sustainability?

As with all member events, questions from the audience drive the conversation.

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