Expanding and enhancing the global cyber workforce

How can we address the cybersecurity workforce shortage and skills gap?

Members event, Panel
17 November 2022 — 5:00PM TO 6:00PM
Chatham House and Online

Accelerated digital transformation and heightened geopolitical tensions on the international stage have increased the need for effective cybersecurity practices and policies as well as a skilled workforce. Despite this, the demand for cybersecurity professionals continues to outpace the supply for societies and businesses globally, resulting in a cybersecurity workforce gap.

To ensure that digital transformation is available, safe and beneficial to all, significant efforts are needed to encourage cyber workforce capacity-building and knowledge-sharing at both national and international levels.

This discussion, supported by (ISC)2 and the UK Cyber Security Council, will explore how to effectively address the twin challenges of the global cyber workforce shortage and skills gap.

  • What are the implications of the global cyber workforce and skills gaps for businesses and societies?

  • What shape do these gaps take within society? Where are they most prevalent and how do they vary?

  • What is the role of education and private-public partnerships in effectively addressing these gaps?

  • How does the UK National Cyber Strategy seek to address these challenges? What are the key lessons from this strategy?

  • What other efforts are being made internationally to bridge this gap? What opportunities are there for knowledge-sharing and capacity-building?

  • What is the role of diversity, equity and inclusion in tackling these gaps?

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As with all members events, questions from the audience drive the conversation.

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