Members question time: What's happening in Haiti?

Join us and ask our senior fellow for Latin America, Christopher Sabatini anything about the realities in Haiti. Submit your questions in advance.

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4 April 2024 — 1:00PM TO 1:30PM

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Christopher Sabatini fields members’ questions on the crisis in Haiti.

The recent unrest in Haiti have bought unprecedent chaos and violence to the country. Exacerbated by long-standing poverty provides the situation a harrowing backdrop.

Following the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse, the crisis in Haiti intensified. Powerful gangs and leading criminals, including the influential Jimmy Barbeque Chérizier, have taken control of much of Port-au-Prince. Prisoners have broken out of jails leading to a near collapse in law and order.

With the country in crisis, former prime minister Ariel Henry has resigned from his post under pressure, both domestic and abroad. Leaderless, adrift and uncertain international support with fierce fighting, the road ahead seems fraught with challenges.

Submit your questions to Dr Christopher Sabatini in advance of the event here. Your questions will drive the conversation.

Join us as our senior fellow for Latin America answers your questions in this quick fire session assessing the complexities of Haiti’s situation, and unpacks the potential implications of transitional governments, the different actors and agents on the ground, international implications and much more.

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