Thinking Out Loud: Is AI a force for good?

Who will set the direction on an AI future and is cooperation possible or competition inevitable? A reception will follow this event.

Members event
21 September 2023 — 6:00PM TO 6:45PM
Chatham House

Have you ever wondered how Chatham House researchers approach the big ideas that become research? Do you enjoy meeting other Chatham House members and engaging with questions that open your mind?

‘Thinking Out Loud’ is an event series from Chatham House which invites a group of members to a live and unscripted discussion with a Chatham House researcher. This in-person event is a way to think out loud to help shape ideas for future research.

Alex Krasodomski, Senior Research Associate with the Digital Society Initiative at Chatham House, poses key questions about AI:

  • Should governments approach AI development as a risk or an opportunity?

  • Are there roles for government beyond rule-making? Is ‘Public AI’ possible?

  • Should our priorities be national sovereignty, international cooperation, or market freedom?

  • Should we prioritize short-term risks or long-term ones?

As with all member events, questions from the audience drive the conversation.

A reception will immediately follow this event.

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A member takes the opportunity to ask the panel a question at our event on the digital revolution.
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